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How do I use InGlow clitoral stimulator?

There are multiple ways to enjoy it. InGlow was made for clitoral stimulation, but that’s not all it can do. InGlow’s head is perfect for pinpointing vibrations right where you want them: one side has riffled surface and the other side is meant for stimulation. Do not forget InGlow’s handle! It can be used for broader and deeper sensations. And if you want to involve your partner, we highly recommend exploring each other’s bodies with InGlow in bed, in the shower, and in many other places. Time to get creative.

How is InGlow & Warm Wand are different?

Unlike most other vibrators, InGlow has two vibrating elements and it is 3-in1 use. This allows you to explore new vibration sensations. The head and the handle vibrating motors are working separately, so you can switch and play. Warm Wand also allow you to discover different pleasure textures and work great on different erogenous zones. It has dual motors on each end, and both sides have slightly different shapes for different types of stimulation. It has LCD screen to monitor levels of vibrations and heat!

Are InGlow & Warm Wand waterproof?

Fully! So whether it’s just a little splash in the shower or a dunk in the tub, InGlow and Warm Wand are not afraid to get wet.

Is the shipping discreet?

Naturally! Your order is shipped in a nondescript cardboard box and without mention of what's inside. So you don't have to sweat over your neighbors or colleagues discovering what great pleasure awaits you.